World Today News: HTC VIVE to Showcase Mobile-Friendly Virtual Filming production Solution at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023

HTC announced today (30) that it will join forces with Supermicro and MSI to participate in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023, the Asian indicator technology exhibition, and will demonstrate for the first time the mobile-friendly VIVE virtual filming production solution – VIVE Mars CamTrack. HTC G REIGNS’ new 5G mobile private network solution – REIGN CORE S2, which shined at MWC this year, was also unveiled at the venue, jointly demonstrating HTC’s cutting-edge technology in virtual image production and 5G commercial applications.

This year’s COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023 is positioned as “Together, We Create”, focusing on six major themes including efficient computing, smart applications, next-generation communications, transcending reality, sustainable green energy, and innovation and applications.

Raymond Pao, senior vice general manager of HTC VIVE, said: “The XR ecosystem of HTC VIVE consists of many horizontal and vertical technologies, including virtual image production, precise tracking and positioning, and 5G network technology. Regarding the six themes of this conference, we use epoch-making The corresponding products are the VIVE Mars CamTrack, which can make the original complex virtual image production work efficient and simple, and the new-generation 5G mobile private network solution – REIGN CORE S2, which is lighter in appearance and faster in speed. The former It can bring countless production companies and individual creators around the world an affordable virtual production studio, allowing creators to easily put their dreams on the big screen. The latter allows enterprises to easily deploy 5G high-speed environments in various venues. This is exactly the corporate mission of HTC VIVE – responding to customers’ expectations with innovative technologies, allowing users to use their unlimited imagination to create a better life for people.”

HTC VIVE launched a camera tracking solution based on SteamVR Tracking 2.0 technology and VIVE Tracker (VIVE Tracker) – VIVE Mars CamTrack virtual filming production solution, which simplifies virtual filming and production, through the industry-leading Lighthouse base station positioning technology , integrates the complicated camera tracking workflow into a lightweight, plug-and-play module box with professional-level functions, and assists the video production team to create professional-level virtual reality in a simpler, intuitive and cost-effective way. Video content (Virtual Production). This time at the COMPUTEX 2023 exhibition, we specially cooperated with MSI to demonstrate that just a laptop can be used for real-time video composite shooting and production without installation, and the setup time will be shortened from hours to minutes, which will make it even more It is suitable for the shooting needs of small studios, content developers, and large international production companies.

Recently, the well-known Corridor production team used VIVE Mars CamTrack to shoot its fantasy series “Dungeon Son”, while the car brands Infinity and Carstage produced commercials for the Infinity Q60 luxury SUV, and cooperated with TV host Karamo Brown to use VIVE Mars CamTrack technology lets the Infiniti luxury SUV shine in the virtual world of the red carpet. The latest virtual production technology is integrated into the 60-second commercial, reaching a new level of film production. VIVE Mars CamTrack enables actors to instantly enter any virtual backdrop during production, which eliminates the need for many set sets and camera moves, allowing filmmakers and content creators to realize their full creative potential.