VP Land : VIVE Launches FIZTrack - Last Piece in Mars CamTrack Puzzle

VIVE has rolled out the last part of their Mars CamTrack setup - the FIZTrack.

The FIZTrack is a lens encoder to send real-time camera data (Focus, Iris, or Zoom) from your production camera to your virtual camera in Unreal Engine over the Mars CamTrack system, so your virtual background updates in real time.

Now if you rack focus on your camera, the focus on the virtual camera in Unreal will also adjust, so the background responds properly, creating more realistic images and opening up more virtual shot options when using the Mars CamTrack system.

The FIZTrack integrates directly with the Mars system - just plug it into the hub with the tracker, which also provides power.

Now, if you want to encode two different elements, such as zooming and rack focus, you’ll need an encoder for each parameter.

This was previewed at NAB, which you can see in our interview with Ray Mosco, Developer Relations at HTC Vive.

Source: https://vpland.newterritory.media/p/vive-mars-fiztrack