VIVE Mars Unveils New Product - The VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition

VIVE Mars is proud to announce the release of the VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition, a comprehensive set that enhances our existing line of virtual production tools. This new edition is designed to be a on-the-go camera tracking solution for the film and education industry.

Enhanced Features and Benefits

The VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition is a sophisticated assembly of our top-tier components, tailored to elevate your production capabilities:

  • Expanded Tracking Area: The Studio Edition includes two additional base stations, extending the maximum tracking range to an impressive 10m x 10m. This expansion allows for more dynamic and flexible scene captures, accommodating larger sets and more complex motion patterns.
  • Multi-Object Tracking: With an additional tracker included in the Studio Edition which allows for the simultaneous tracking of up to three objects, facilitating complex scene compositions with multiple dynamic elements.
  • Advanced Lens Tracking: Including two FIZtracks, the Studio Edition offers precise control over focus and zoom, essential for capturing cinematic quality visuals.
  • Wireless Functionality: The Studio Edition supports wireless tracking, enhancing flexibility. This feature is particularly beneficial for tracking cameras or objects in challenging scenarios where cables can restrict movement.
  • Customized Suitcase for Portability: The Studio Edition comes with a specially designed suitcase, ensuring that your valuable equipment is well-protected and easily transportable between locations.


The VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition is scheduled for release at the end of April. Please reach out directly to VIVE Mars resellers for purchasing information and to learn more about how this integrated solution can support your production needs.


For more details and support regarding the VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition, please contact our authorized VIVE Mars resellers, or our official support channel at Contact Us | VIVE Mars