VIVE Mars FIZTrack Lens Encoder Now Available for Purchase

Leading virtual reality innovator HTC VIVE is thrilled to announce that VIVE Mars FIZTrack, a new lens encoder for VIVE Mars CamTrack, is now available for order in select countries in North America, Europe, and APAC.

VIVE Mars FIZTrack revolutionizes the virtual production landscape by enabling filmmakers to stream precise lens parameters directly to virtual production software. This technology allows the seamless sharing of camera lens "FIZ" data – Focus, Iris, and Zoom – between physical and virtual elements during film shoots. With VIVE Mars FIZTrack, filmmakers can pull focus, change zoom, adjust iris, and instantly fapply those exact parameters to an Unreal Engine scene, ensuring perfect synchronization of virtual elements like characters or background objects – thus achieving an unparalleled level of creative control.

“We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our precise and affordable lens encoder on the anniversary of Mars CamTrack,” said Raymond Pao, SVP Business Solutions at HTC VIVE. “This milestone reflects our dedication to listening and engaging with our community's needs. For many studios, this lens encoder is the missing link in their virtual production workflow, perfectly aligning with our core mission of making virtual production simple and accessible.”

The launch of VIVE Mars FIZTrack will take place at the Production Summit in Los Angeles on Friday August 4, with a series of announcements and demos:

VIVE Mars FIZTrack Announcement

Ray Mosco, Developer Relations at HTC VIVE, will take the stage to delve into the cutting-edge features of VIVE Mars FIZTrack. This new virtual production device will help creators push the boundaries of their imagination with seamless synchronization between physical and virtual scenes.

BEST Shot! Film Competition Winners

HTC VIVE will announce the winners of its BEST Shot! film competition during the event. Renowned industry experts including Norman Wang from Glassbox, Jordy Vandeput from Cinecom, Daniel Mallek from Vu Studios, Phil Galler from NEP Virtual Studios, and Edward Dawson-Taylor from CG Pro had the difficult task of selecting the top entries that showcase the creativity and proficiency of filmmakers around the world utilizing VIVE Mars CamTrack.

VIVE Mars FIZTrack Live Demo

Attendees will have the opportunity to try a live working demo of VIVE Mars FIZTrack, showcasing its seamless integration with VIVE MARS CamTrack. This hands-on experience will demonstrate how the combination of these technologies elevates virtual production to unprecedented heights, unlocking boundless potential for filmmakers. Additionally, Jeremy Wayne Brooks, Virtual Production Producer, will talk about his experience with VIVE Mars CamTrack.

To learn more about VIVE Mars FIZTrack or to place an order, please visit our product website . For a list of authorized local resellers, please check our official list here . We welcome you to join the Mars CamTrack community on Facebook and Instagram and explore new possibilities in the world of virtual production!