VIVE Mars CamTrack Wins Best Of Show Award At IBC 2023!

Following a tremendous turnout for the VIVE Mars and Aximmetry collaborative booth at IBC in Amsterdam, the VIVE Mars CamTrack was awarded with TVBEurope's Best Of Show IBC 2023 award.

VIVE Mars is extremely grateful for the recognition and praise of the VIVE Mars CamTrack, and if you'd like to find out more about the kit you can visit

VIVE Mars CamTrack is democratizing access and enabling studios of all sizes to embark on virtual production journeys with a camera tracking solution that’s easier to use and more affordable than ever before. This technology was once exclusive to major Hollywood blockbusters like "The Mandalorian" and "Avatar,” but is now accessible to studios, production companies and even home garage setups.  

Historically, the size and scale of the lengthy setup process has been a significant cost contributor to virtual production. VIVE Mars CamTrack streamlines this setup by leveraging industry-leading lighthouse tracking technology, providing a simple and accurate camera-tracking solution that reduces overall production time. It can be up and running in as quickly as 15 minutes.  

The ecosystem continues to build as we recently launched a new addition, Mars FIZTrack, allowing filmmakers precise control over focus, iris, and zoom within their virtual scenes.  

This year we also introduced the VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition, offering maximum functionality for Mars CamTrack. This includes a Mars Module that streams positional data to industry-standard protocols like Livelink and FreeD, and supports broadcast-standard synchronization, including genlock and timecode. It also has three VIVE Trackers simultaneously tracking three cameras to allow multi-camera shoots. And four VIVE Base Stations expand the tracking volume to an impressive 10 meters by 10 meters. Last but by no means least, two VIVE Mars FIZTrack seamlessly integrate lens parameters into the virtual environment, resulting in a seamless blend of real and virtual elements.

VIVE Mars CamTrack has taken care at every level of design and manufacturing. The kit has easy-to-use calibration for nodal offset and lens distortion, as well as one-click origin reset. It includes Genlock and Timecode support, offering synchronized output between real and virtual actors. And lastly, it has robust wiring to reduce latency.

VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition comes in a compact, portable design housed in a rollable protective case. This portability means it’s easy to set up virtual production studios anywhere needed. VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition is not just about technology; it's about empowering filmmakers to set up real-time camera tracking for virtual production efficiently. Whether working on a blockbuster film, a TV series, a commercial, or an indie project in a garage, Studio Edition can be rolled in.  

For VIVE Mars, our mission is clear: to simplify virtual production and make it accessible to all. VIVE Mars CamTrack Studio Edition, with its innovative features, exemplifies precision and simplicity, eliminating the technical challenges that once hindered cinematic creativity.

Again, for more information about the VIVE Mars CamTrack and how it can elevate virtual production capabilities, visit