VIVE Mars CamTrack at GDC 2024: Taking the Stage with Epic Games, Joining Forces with Movella

VIVE Mars CamTrack is having a big week at GDC 2024, teaming up with Epic Games and Movella to show the flexibility of small, modular, affordable virtual production setups.

Mars CamTrack was shown as part of the Epic Games State of Unreal presentation, demoed live onstage during Epic’s presentation. It was used to pilot a virtual camera in real-time through the highly detailed environment of Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, an upcoming game from Skydance New Media and Marvel Games. The showcase demonstrates the flexibility of small, affordable virtual production setups, which can be used to show in-game worlds to large audiences at conferences and at events, in addition to traditional use cases like film and TV.

Mars CamTrack is also teaming up with Movella on the GDC show floor, showcasing new and updated integrations that offer better precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for developers and content creators worldwide who use virtual production as part of their toolkit.

Specifically, HTC VIVE and Movella are demonstrating a new integration between the motion capture software Xsens Animate and Mars CamTrack, HTC's virtual production solution. They are also demoing improvements to the existing native integration between Xsens Animate and VIVE Tracker 3.0. This collaboration offers a complete solution: Mars CamTrack ensures precise positioning, while Xsens delivers top-notch motion data quality.

The integrations empower creators to realize their vision better than ever before, allowing for real-time interactions between virtual characters and live actors while keeping drift to a minimum. This not only improves efficiency, but also democratizes access to virtual production by providing a cost-effective yet high-quality solution for creators on smaller budgets.

Virtual content creator, Edward Green, explaining his real-time workflow.

As part of the demo, the group is showing enhanced integration between VIVE Tracker 3.0 and Xsens Animate. This improved integration ensures precise alignment and minimizes drift, streamlining the production process.

GDC attendees are able to try the demo at booth S1643. For more information about Mars CamTrack, please visit the product website: