VIVE Mars At AWS Summit Tokyo 2024

At the AWS Summit Tokyo 2024, StudioBros(スタジオブロス) provided technical collaboration for AWS's showcase of virtual production capabilities using Amazon EC2. They demonstrated an innovative pipeline where a locally tracked camera by VIVE MARS, and they send the camera feed and FreeD data through Amazon EC2. This data is then composited using Aximmetry Technologies and returned locally for display, significantly reducing the need for a powerful local processing power. StudioBros efficiently managed this with just two laptops, a camera, VIVE Mars, a Switching Hub, and an SDI to HDMI Encoder to input the camera image into the laptop. It's a remarkably lean yet powerful setup.

For more information about virtual production and VIVE MARS in Japan, feel free to contact StudioBros(スタジオブロス)