VIVE Mars at AME Institute conference 2024

What an absolute honor to be part of CG Pro School and their CG Empowers initiative team to support public education at AME Institute conference at Green Power Studios.

Featuring CG Pro School’s Byron Qiao, Director of Operations, David Ethan Sanders, Producer, and Unreal Engine instructors, DoP Erik "Wolfie" Wolford, CG & Virtual Production Supervisor Scott Rosekrans, and last but not least our Raymond Mosco from VIVE MARS.

Very special thanks to Geoffrey Kater of Green Power Studios for providing the production support team and virtual production facilities.

3 takeaways from the event:

Adopting Virtual Production: K-12 educators are eager to adopt virtual production to prepare their students for the future. A turnkey plug-and-play system like VIVE MARS is ideal for teaching students the fundamentals of this cutting-edge technology.

Existing Resources Integration: Many teachers already use green screens and can easily upgrade by incorporating VIVE MARS for real-time VFX. This system is portable and can be set up in a classroom within minutes, making it a practical addition to existing educational tools.

Versatile Educational Tool: K-12 teachers have diverse interests in utilizing camera tracking, whether for traditional filmmaking, broadcasting, virtual camera, or gaming. VIVE MARS, with its multiple trackers, provides a versatile tracking solution that meets various educational budgets and needs.

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