TVBS News: HTC introduced an impressive advancement in its XR solution at COMPUTEX 2023

HTC introduced an impressive advancement in its extended reality (XR) solution called VIVE Mars at COMPUTEX 2023. Collaborating with Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI), a Taiwanese computer manufacturer, HTC has enhanced the capabilities of its renowned VIVE platform.

HTC VIVE now eliminates the need for costly additional equipment by harnessing state-of-the-art graphics cards and camera trackers. The newly unveiled VIVE Mars CamTrack enables effortless virtual production without requiring complex installations. This breakthrough innovation aims to simplify and make virtual production more accessible and affordable for users.

With the introduction of VIVE Mars CamTrack, the set-up time for real-time virtual production has been dramatically reduced from hours to minutes. One notable example of its application is its usage by the renowned American production studio Corridor to film a series of fantasy movies titled "Son of a Dungeon."

Raymond, the Senior Vice President of HTC VIVE, highlighted the comprehensive nature of the XR system, which encompasses various technologies such as virtual production, precise camera tracking solutions, and 5G connectivity.

The ongoing COMPUTEX event has already attracted an impressive attendance of 30,000 visitors. This year's edition places significant emphasis on AI applications, high-performance computing, and hyperreality, effectively showcasing technology's dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.