The Studio of the Future! HTC VIVE Mars and Vū Studios Event during CES 2023

A dynamic demonstration of Vū’s virtual production technology used by a growing list of films, series, commercials, and music videos; including The Mandalorian, House of the Dragon, The Batman, and many more. Vū’s virtual production technology and HTC VIVE present “The Studio Of The Future: A Metaverse You Can Use” at Vū Las Vegas last Friday. For the event, we set up a camera shooting toward the LED wall and showcased the driving plates and the static plates .

So many highlights - the Jurassic Park LED theme was especially memorable. Huge shout out to all of the innovators in the VP space who showcased the latest in virtual production tech. And a massive thank you to our very own Ray Mosco of VIVE Studios who took the stage to talk about HTC’s new XR Elite headset that they announced at CES.

video source: Alex Pearce | Vū Studios

Source: CES 2023 + The Studio of The Future

Special Thanks to Alex Pearce , Ramiro Montes De Oca , Jeff Fuchs , Raymond Mosco ,Vū Studios, Puget Systems , Aputure , Light Sail VR , ASSIMILATE , INOVATIV , Wacom