Join Virtual Production Workshop: CG Pro School, VIVE Mars and Vū Las Vegas during NAB 2023

You're invited to a virtual production workshop hosted by CG Pro, VIVE Mars and Vū at Vū's Las Vegas studio. This workshop will cover various topics related to virtual production. Attendees will learn about volume control, the virtual art department, cinematography and lighting in the volume, and the creative advantages of virtual production. There will also be a question and answer portion where participants can engage with industry experts.

Additionally, guests will be able to take a tour of the studio and interact with experts behind the scenes. The workshop provides an immersive experience for creators of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, who want to gain knowledge and insights into the latest virtual production techniques and tools.

Location: Vū Las Vegas 901 Grier Drive Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States

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