Movella and HTC VIVE Announce Native Integration for Virtual Production and Motion Capture Pipelines

Integration between Xsens Animate and VIVE Mars CamTrack and VIVE Tracker 3.0 streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration and cuts costs for animation studios worldwide

Movella Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MVLA) (“Movella”), creator of the motion capture technology, Xsens, and HTC VIVE™, the leader in room-scale Virtual Reality (VR), today announced significant advancements in native integration between their solutions to enhance and optimize virtual production pipelines for animators and creators worldwide. This includes a new integration between the motion capture software Xsens Animate and VIVE Mars CamTrack, HTC’s affordable virtual production solution for filmmakers and creators, as well as improvements to the existing native integration between Xsens Animate and VIVE Tracker 3.0. The combined solution provides benefits and unique feature sets that emphasize the best of both worlds: precision positional accuracy by Mars CamTrack, and excellent motion data quality by Xsens. These advancements will be demonstrated at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco beginning March 18 at the Moscone Center, Booth S1643.

"Together Movella and HTC are revolutionizing the virtual production landscape. This integration not only enhances collaboration but also significantly reduces costs for game developers, ultimately elevating the virtual production experience to unprecedented levels of excellence," said Axel Bult, Director of Entertainment, Movella.
“With the rise of virtual content creators, some teams, with as few as one person, require a more accessible and real-time pipeline. The integration of Mars CamTrack and Xsens Animate makes it easier than ever for virtual characters to interact with live actors,” said Raymond Pao, SVP of Business Solutions at HTC VIVE. “We are excited about the possibilities of seeing more virtual characters step into the real world, and how this integration will democratize access to virtual production for game developers and content creators worldwide.”

The Mars CamTrack and Xsens Animate integration amplifies virtual production by converging precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for a seamless and captivating production experience. Features include:

  • Transformed Virtual Staging with Seamless Multi-Actor and World Alignment. Discover the precision of seamlessly integrating and positioning multiple actors within your virtual environment. Through the harmonious integration of Mars CamTrack and Xsens Animate, actors are placed with accuracy, creating an authentic and captivating virtual production setup.
  • Increased Efficiency with Drift-Free Virtual Production. Say goodbye to the hurdles of drift in virtual production setups. Integrating Mars CamTrack into Xsens Animate brings you minimized drift, alleviating the demands of extensive clean-up and post-production tasks. This not only results in substantial cost savings but also elevates the overall efficiency of your projects.
  • Budget-Friendly Solution for Virtual Production. In partnership with Mars CamTrack, Xsens Animate presents a cost-efficient drift-free solution that levels the playing field. This means achieving professional-grade virtual production is within reach, irrespective of your budget constraints, ensuring uncompromised quality in every project.
  • Instant Creative Control. Dive into the world of real-time virtual production, featuring support for up to 2 characters and a tracked camera. Xsens Animate and Mars CamTrack deliver an effortlessly responsive and immersive experience, bringing your creative vision to life in the blink of an eye.

The improved VIVE Tracker 3.0 and Xsens Animate integration features:  

  • Seamless Alignment and Eradicated Drift for Effortless Multi-Actor Positioning: Discover the ease of multi-actor positioning through the seamless integration of VIVE Tracker 3.0 with Xsens Animate. Bid farewell to laborious clean-up tasks and post-production endeavors, as the system effectively eliminates drift, thus ensuring your actors maintain precise alignment within the virtual world – streamlining the production process and enhancing the overall efficiency of your projects.
  • Redefined Cost-Efficiency and Value: In the realm of your projects, we recognize the paramount significance of cost-effectiveness. Embrace not just cutting-edge technology, but a financially savvy solution with VIVE Tracker 3.0 integrated into Xsens Animate. This powerful integration goes beyond the forefront of innovation; it strategically minimizes drift, curbing the necessity for extensive corrections. The result? A maximized return on investment that aligns with your budgetary considerations, ensuring every dollar spent translates into unparalleled value for your endeavors.
  • Dynamic Realism and Real-Time Control: Experience the seamless synchronization of up to 2 characters simultaneously, empowering you to craft dynamic, interactive scenarios on the fly effortlessly. Embrace the freedom of a real-time setup, guaranteeing a truly responsive and captivating experience.