FTV & CYANS STUDIO use VIVE Mars for EVA AIR Christmas Video

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of virtual production this festive season with the EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空 Christmas Miracle Video playing on their inflight entertainment.

In this production, the main character embarks on a global mission to embody the spirit of Santa Claus, seamlessly journeying through New York, Paris, and Taipei to spread holiday cheer. The magic comes to life through the innovative use of LED wall backgrounds, artfully showcasing iconic landmarks in each city at CYANS STUDIO & FTV VP/XR Led Studio.

Explore the flawless integration of technology and storytelling as CYANS STUDIO & FTV VP/XR Led Studio skillfully capture the essence of three distinct countries: New York's iconic skyline, the romantic charm of Paris, and the vibrant energy of Taipei.

One of the key advantages of using Virtual Production is the elimination of the need to physically travel to different locations. This not only streamlines the production process but also provides cost-effective and time-efficient benefits.

Join VIVE MARS - Unreal Engine Virtual Production in celebrating the festive season with this unique Christmas Video and watch here:

Director: Ho Po Yang

Assistant Director: Jia hong Luo

Produced: Yi Zhong Liu

PM: Sean Zhang

Lead Actor: Hemming Joshua David

Stunt Double: Long Bang

Performer: Max Vogeley

Performer: Ivan Martin Rodriguez

Performer: Iana Stepanovich

Performer: Tetiana Poliak

Performer: Flavia Kylie Suteu (Yingxuan Su)

Performer: Enzo

Performer: Xiao cheng Wang

Performer: You Jun Liao

Performer: Xu Zi Ting

Executive: Guang Zou Cheng

Life Guo You

Photographer:  Ryan Zhang

First Assistant Director:  Chen Yi Cai

Second Assistant Director:  Jia Ming Cheng

Lighting:  Zhong ying Song

Lighting Assistant:  Ping Zong Zhang

Lighting Assistant:  Yu Shang Lin

Lighting Assistant:  Yong Le Zhan

Lighting Assistant:  Yun Yan Huang

Action Director: Huang Weijie

Action Team:  Jinshi Lin

Action Team:  Wei Yang Zhang

Art:  Wenjing Luo

Art Execution:  Jiaru Wang

On-site Art: Eric

Stylist:  Yijie Wang

Hair Stylist:  Ningxin Xing

Styling Team: Lin Tingyu

Styling Team:  Minru Weng

Styling Team:  Wenning Zhang

Sound: Monkey Electric Boy

Virtual Production Studio :


Cyans Studio GM: Peter Hou

VP Director: Morris WU

VP Animator: Jhe-Wei,Syu

Lighting System: Jack Ho                  

System  Engineer: Ralf Liu

VIVE MARS Brompton Technology Pixotope

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