Exciting release with new features

Mars Remote Control

Mars Remote Control addresses a highly requested feature to access Mars' functions remotely, especially when Mars is stationed away from the tracking volume. By connecting to Mars through any web browser, you can monitor and control your Mars setup. This includes an overview of the status of the Rover and Base Stations, the ability to adjust the Recenter point on the Rover, reset the tracking volume, and quickly capture logs for troubleshooting.

  • Mars Remote Control's tutorial here.

Mars Path Recorder (BETA)

With the SU06 update, users can now capture their tracking path locally using this standalone Windows software. The Mars Path Recorder not only enables you to create an FBX backup but also allows your camera path to be used in a variety of other post-production 3D rendering software. Moreover, the Path Recorder provides a dynamic 3D view of your trackers and Base Station for remote troubleshooting.

  • Download Mars Path Recorder (BETA) here .
  • Mars Path Recorder's tutorial here .

Customizable World Center

Every studio measures and marks their world center on their stage differently. With the new SU6 update, users will now be able to select from six different origin points on the Rover to achieve better alignment of the world center.

Enable FIZTrack Motor Mode

We're thrilled to announce that VIVE Mars FIZTrack is now compatible with SmallRig’s Wireless Handwheel Controller. This integration transforms FIZTrack into both a follow focus and a lens encoder, enabling the handwheel to drive the motor inside FIZTrack for focus, iris, and zoom control. This innovative, first-of-its-kind feature is beneficial for both one-man crews and production teams with a dedicated focus puller.