Winners of VIVE Mars BEST SHOT! Competition

We're excited to showcase the WINNERS of our very first VIVE Mars BEST SHOT! Competition. We want to thank everyone who submitted. We also want to thank all of our industry expert judges that were kind enough to participate in this competition. Each winner will receive the newly released VIVE Mars FIZTrack. Check out all of the hard work and effort that went into creating the BEST SHOT! video entries below.

Best Cinematography Winner - Timothy Wang "Eli"

Creator: Timothy Wang - WLab
Crew: Ethan Wen, Pablo Freese
Location: New York City, New York
Entry Title: Eli
Winning Category: Best Cinematography

Best Performance Winner - Omar Muro "Eco"

Creator: Omar Muro (Virtual Production Director), Cena Virtual

Crew: Leonardo Pinheiro (Director, Writer), HP Rodrigues (Writer, Sound Design, Score), Matheus Strelow (Editor), Mario and Lucas Campioli (Makeup), Wangleys Manao (Costume Design), Gabriel Marroso (Unreal Artist, Visual Effects), Michel Brito (Programming), Lucas Honorato (Cinematography), Carol Jacob (Gaffer/Cam Assistant), Elton Fernandes (Camera Operator), Marcello Carvalho (BTS), Casa Tao Brasil, Claudio Mascarenhas, Nenhuma Produtora, Bruno Alchaar (Special Thanks)

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Entry Title: Eco
Winning Category: Best Performance

Most Immersive Winner - Matthew Vascellaro "Best Friends Mystery Club"

Creator: Matthew Vascellaro
Crew: Eric Furie
Location: Los Angeles, California
Entry Title: Best Friends Mystery Club
Winning Category: Most Immersive

Best Behind-The-Scenes Winner - Kevin Uskokovic "The Walker"

Creator: Kevin Uskokovic, VU Media, Victoria University
Crew: Jian Isulat, Gwyneth Brooks, Calum Drummond
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Entry Title: The Walker
Winning Category: Best Behind-The-Scenes

Best Creativity Winner - Johannes Skoog "City Of Lights"

Creator: Johannes Skoog, VP Nordic
Location: Sweden
Entry Title: City Of Lights
Winning Category: Best Creativity

Most Abstract Winner - Edward Green "Trippy"

Creator: Edward Green, Edward Green Films
Location: Antioch, California
Entry Title: Trippy
Winning Category: Most Abstract

Best Story Winner - Eddie Kwon "Come Back To Us"

Creator: Monstera Studio

Crew: Jin JiHoon (Director), Eddie Kwon (Virtual Production Engineer), Kim JunYi (Cinematography, BTS), Ryu ByungHyun (Editing, VFX, Virtual Environment Design, Lighting), Pyun JuYoung (Design), Cheon JunHo (Rander, Virtual Production Technology), Choi Chang Ho, Lee Sang Jun, Park Ho San, VR 12th (Special Thanks)

Location: Seoul, Korea
Entry Title: Come Back To Us
Winning Category: Best Story

Stay tuned for our next BEST SHOT! Competition.