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Virtual production made simple

Vive Mars Camtrack
With SteamVR™ Tracking 2.0 technology and VIVE Trackers, HTC VIVE delivers a simple yet accurate camera tracking solution optimized for virtual production.
VIVE Mars for virtual production

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Real-time in no time

Since no installation is required, VIVE Mars reduces how long it takes to set up for real-time virtual production from hours to minutes.

Optimized for virtual production Professional-grade features

Genlock, Timecode sync, and robust connections — all essential to reduce latency.

The Power of Multitracking

No production is the same. Use up to three Rovers to track cameras, lights, or props.* Create a setup that works best for you.

*Requires 3 included Rover modules and 3 trackers supported by SteamVR™ Tracking BS2.0. Kit includes 2 VIVE Trackers (3.0). Additional supported VIVE Tracker unit sold separately.

On-the-go virtual production studio

Let talent step into new virtual backgrounds in real-time — wherever you need.

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