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Combining VIVE Mars' hardware with Aximmetry's industry leading virtual studio software, Broadcast DE Edition, creates an outstanding package for virtual production that makes live broadcasting easier than ever before. With Aximmetry's Dual Engine Broadcast edition and Mars CamTrack, studios are no longer constrained to physical set decoration, and can produce professional-grade multi-camera broadcasting content with advanced real-time 3D graphics.

Broadcast Bundle VIVE Mars and Aximmetry features include:

  • Multi-cam tracking, with support for up to three cameras
  • Industry standard Aximmetry Chroma Keyer
  • High Quality Real-Time Graphics
  • Automated calibration for camera offset and lens distortion
  • Lens encoder compatibility, allowing filmmakers to change the depth of field as they would on a traditional camera
  • Plug and play compatibility, with no additional software required
  • One-click origin reset
  • Genlock synced to UE LiveLink, offering synchronized output between real and virtual actors
  • Robust wiring to reduce latency
  • Superior quality live compositing including light wrap, reflections, shadows of the talent, visual interactions of virtual and real elements
  • Advanced XR Solution
  • Studio "glue" holding the virtual broadcast production together by easy interfacing of a multitude of hardware

Watch here to see how quickly you can have a virtual production studio up and running with VIVE Mars and Aximmetry.  

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